Foundations of Kundalini with Shawna

Sundays, 12:30 - 2:30 PM
January 6 to February 3

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Join Shawna Lott in this 5 week series to discover the basic ideas and practices of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

January 6
What is Kundalini Yoga?
Explore the roots of Kundalini Yoga and, thus, the roots of Yoga itself. Delve into the history of an ancient practice, while also navigating the depths of your own mind, body and spirit. Learn practical applications of yogic techniques for your daily life and practice. Discussion wil include: the eight limbs, the three fold structure of the human being, yoga as a way of life and a state of being.

 January 13
Breath and Bandhas
Look at breathing techniques and body locks to create, retain and circulate the energy generated during each Kriya. In this class we will learn when, why and how to use certain pranayamas and bandhas. We will also explore proper breath suspension, and how breath relates to subtle life forces throughout the body.

January 20
Mantra and Meditation
Learn the roots, translations, purpose and proper annunciations of the most commonly used Kundalini mantras. Then, aapply the techniques learned in week 2 to allow proper breath to carry us into deep meditation. With and without mantra, we will learn the importance of tongue position and motion for both relaxation and stimulation of the nervous system. This work will help still your mind and body to allow clarity, so energy can flow freely.

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January 27
Yogic Anatomy
For this session, we will begin to explore Yogic anatomy, including energy channels, sources and flow. We will learn about the Chakras, Nadis, Prana and Apana, Tattvas and the Ten Bodies. We will also learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of blockages and practices that can help keep an active flow to retain and release energy from our systems.

February 3
Rise of the Serpent: Awakening the Kundalini
This will be a two hour Kundalini Yoga immersion, applying everything we have learned. Be prepared for a challenging, energizing and fun class! We will be practicing a combination of Kriyas and Meditation meant to prepare the body for the Serpent Rising. We will include Laughter Yoga and Soul Gazing to finish up our 5 weeks of hard work!

$108, first 8 to Register / $125, 9+

 Drop-in: $30 (please call 243-6736 to register)

New Year Baby Camp with Svia


TUESDAYS, 1:30 - 2:45 PM
January 22 - February 26

Yoga for mom, dad, grandparents or care providers, plus yoga and massage for baby!

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• Replenish and refresh your body from the core to the periphery after the epic experience of birth
• Develop a safe and effective home practice
• Build community with other open-minded parents
• Gain insights, advice and tricks for easier parenting
• Interact, bond, laugh and cuddle with your sweet
little baby in a warm and sunny setting
• Learn traditional baby massage strokes as taught
by the International School of Infant Massage
(babies love nurturing touch)

This progressive class will be taught with a casual, easy-paced approach. Baby’s needs always come first.

All adults are welcome. Babies age 6 weeks to cruising.

This course fills up quickly!

$130, first 8 to Register / $155, 9 +

Register here or call the studio to reserve your spot: 243 - OPEN (6736)

Subtle Series with Svia & Friends

Mondays, 9:30 - 11 AM

January 21 - March 4

open space subtle yoga series monday motning practice anchorage yoga

In this 7 week series, we have the opportunity to look at Yoga beyond the physical postures. Greet each week with a specific focus and relative practice.

Class will begin with a short asana sequence as a way to prime the body for the subtle and often more profound work.

If you have been stretching your body on the mat for a while and want to explore practices that stretch your mind and expand your sensual awareness, this series is for you. If you’ve been curious about the greater canon of yogic understanding but have only read a page or two about it here and there, this series is right for you. Consider choosing this approachable course for reasons beyond your skin and marrow. Show up with a beginner’s mind and a willingness to explore the shadow practices. You may surprise yourself.

chakra subtle yoga sereis workshop series anchorage yoga open space

January 21: Pranayama ~ The Yoga of Breath

January 28: Mantra ~ A Small Phrase with A Large Impact

Febrary 4: Yoga Nidra ~ Conscious Relaxation

February 11: Mudra, Metta & Meditations

February 18: Nada ~ Yoga of Sound

February 25: Ayurveda ~ The Yoga of Health

March 4: Sutras ~ Chanting & Discussion

Whole Series: $150, First 8 to Register / $175, 9+

Drop - in: $30 (please call to pre-register)

Thai Immersion with Sarah Yovovich

Handstands, Partner Flows & Acroyoga

Friday, March 8, 3-6 PM

hand stand yoga sarah yovovich thai bodywork open space anchorage yoga alaska workshop immersion

$60, first 10 to register / $75, 11+

The seed of acrobatics is handstand.  Come transform any frustration or fear in your handstand practice into fun and confidence, with partner exercises to deliver your upside down delight. Whether you're just finding the courage to kick up, or are ready to find your press handstand, all participants will be supported.

Thai Immersion
Bodywork sequences and informed touch

Saturday- March 9, 10AM-1PM & 530-830PM

Sunday- March 10, 10AM-2PM

hand stand yoga sarah yovovich thai bodywork open space anchorage yoga alaska workshop immersion

$225, first 8 to register /$275, 9+

Take a deep-dive into Thai massage. 
Learn to give a full body massage that's therapeutic for both the giver and receiver!

Coursework will cover:
-Principles of touch
-Supine, sidelying, and seated sequences
-The four aspects of love from Buddhist tradition
-Anatomy and postural alignment foundations

Includes instruction and written manual.

Intermediate Thai Bodywork

Monday - 8:30-11:30 AM

yoga sarah yovovich thai bodywork open space anchorage yoga alaska workshop immersion

Once you've found comfort in the principles of touch, it's time to learn to extend your touch beyond the immediate contact.  With fluid movement, we dance with lines of tension and energy in the body to disperse stagnation. Coursework will include dynamic Thai, balancing depletion and stagnation, and myofascial releases.

$70, first 5 to register / $85, 6+

Contact Improvisation FUNdamentals

Contact Improvisation FUNdamentals

Wednesdays, 4:15 - 5:45 PM, November 7 - December 5

Contact Improvisation FUNdamentals will explore basic skills and are suitable for all ages and abilities, first-timers and experienced contact improvisation practitioners - anyone seeking to feel more "in their body." We will have plenty of time for free flow movement. Please bring comfortable clothing (no sharp buckles, clasps, zippers or spangles) and a willingness to play.

Sound Bath Chakra Series with Evie Bear

      Sound Bath Chakra Series with Evie Bear

Oct 19, Nov 16, Dec 12 7 — 8:30 PM

The New Moon is a time to set intentions in your life and begin something new.  Please come with a special intention in mind or simply to gift your self relaxation and love. Come experience the intriguing and deeply relaxing effects that sound and vibration have on your body.  

Tai Chi with David Long

Mondays 7:30 - 9 PM

This beginner Tai Chi class will focus on Yang Style Tai Chi. Tai Chi integrates mind and body into a more harmonious whole. Benefits include: increased physical stamina, flexibility, strength; mental clarity, memory, awareness; spiritual development, energy development, and peace of mind.

Kids Yoga

Kids Yoga

Mondays, 5 - 5:45 PM
Drop-In Class on donation
Yoga for little people is an active and fun way to promote the physical, emotional and social development of children. Kids will learn the basics of yoga, through creative poses, storytelling, songs, games, breathing exercises and other fun and energizing activities.