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Nina Brooks Anchorage masseuse

Nina Brooks

Nina attended the Florida School Of Massage in Gainesville Florida in 2007. It was there that she became fascinated by the mind-body connection. Nina believes that therapeutic touch not only benefits the superficial physiological body, but also has a profound effect on the deeper psychological levels of our being. Therapeutic touch can reveal what has been buried, forgotten, or unrealized, awakening an awareness in self. With that new found awareness comes the possibility to take action towards positive change in one’s life.

Yoga led Nina on a journey to the east where she studied Thai yoga massage in northern Thailand at the NCBTMB certified school ITM. There she found that Thai Yoga Massage is a perfect blend of movement, massage, and energy work. Before returning to the States, she also traveled to Rishikesh, India and studied the Astanga yoga form. At Open Space, Nina works to facilitate a safe space in which clients can explore their own healing process, begin to experience a feeling of balance, and enjoy an overall sense of well-being.

Svia Rothstein Anchorage Thai massage

Svia Rothstein

After more than 20 years of body exploration through a diversity of yoga modalities, it is not a coincidence that Svia was introduced to and fascinated by the practice of Thai bodywork. After 2 trainings with Lindsey Britt (below), she was inspired to learn more. The double decades of yoga really gave her a boost up as Thai is so clearly related to the ‘bodywork’ of Yoga. Both traced to the sacred and ancient text, the Vedas, it makes sense that they are linked again in growing popularity now. As with teaching yoga, every time she shares this Thai dance with a willing receiver, Svia feels peaceful, present and grounded. It is a practice to give and when lucky, also to receive.  Thai feels like a fair trade where all parties come away with a sensation of serenity and well being –we both get a stretch and a chance to step out of the chaotic noise of daily life. 


Helen Meacham

Helen graduated from The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 1984 after completing one thousand hours of instruction. She was in private practice for 18 years in New Mexico before moving to Alaska in 2002 where she continues to practice. She has studied many modalities, but specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Polarity, Reflexology, Trigger Point therapy and prenatal massage. Helen has been practicing massage for most of her adult life. She enjoys the continual learning that comes from both giving and receiving massage on a regular basis.


bella andreini

Bella was trained in Traditional Thai Massage Therapy in India in the winter of 2016. She is currently working on her Bachelors degree in nursing and has always been passionate about healing. She is so proud to offer Thai bodywork as a hands on and effective way to relieve tension, restore balance, and release blockages for her clients. Thai Bodywork relies on its foundation as an ancient practice and is based on using intuitive and rhythmical pressure on the “Sen Lines” of the body as well as passive yoga positions. By helping her clients into different body positions throughout, she is able to focus on areas that standard table massage cannot. Using a relaxing rhythm, acupressure, breathe work, and communication are all key to her practice. You deserve bliss!

carissa guernsey, LMt

Craniosacral and table massage.


Swedish & Esalen-trained massage.