Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Dance with Betsi Oliver & Friends

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3 Fridays: 8:30 - 11:30PM

  • January 11

  • February 8

  • March 22

A modern twist on an ancient Mayan ritual which starts with drinking a potent cacao-based drink (not your grandma’s hot chocolate here!). Facilitated breathwork and meditation guide you into a deep state of presence and awareness. Feel the energy start to really flow with drum beat or singing bowl and then kick it up a notch as we transition into ecstatic type dance fueled by electro-organica music and a killer sound system.

Drinking raw cacao, the primary ingredient of chocolate, facilitates natural altered states of consciousness. It is a good introduction to shamanic plant medicines and is considered appropriate regardless of other sobriety choices (after all, it’s chocolate!). It’s most potent on an empty stomach, so we recommend eating a small meal two hours or more before the event. We will close each ceremony with some grub to help ground the energy and to facilitate community sharing. The price of each ceremony also includes an additional DIY serving of cacao for enjoying at home.

The three-part series builds on the experiences and insights gained from working with cacao as a plant medicine. Although each event can stand alone we recommend participating in the full series.

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January 11 - Joy
What do happiness, joy, ecstasy, and euphoria mean? Dive into the bodily experience of euphoria and learn practices to make it a foundation for daily happiness.

cacao anchorage yoga open space alaska ceremony ecstatic dance dj

February 8 - Self-Love
Explore practices to generate the intoxicating feeling of being “in love” and experience the deep knowing that you always have that love within yourself.

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March 22 - Expansion
Build your personal resilience to step out into the world as your higher self, maintaining your conscious center and holding space for others’ growth along their own paths.

A few other notes and common questions:
Bring your own mug (or we will have paper cups to use) and a water bottle. Cacao is a strong diuretic and can trigger a detox response, so lots of hydration before, during, and the next day can help. Drinking the cacao is optional; it is totally fine to participate in the ceremonial experience without any cacao. You may bring a sacred object to place on our ceremonial altar if you choose. Wear comfortable clothes for moving. Ecstatic dance is a free form dance that is highly meditative, which includes no talking and no touch among dancers. Please arrive for the ceremony on time and plan to stay the entire time.

Registration fee includes the three hour ceremony, a ceremonial dose of single-origin cacao prepared using modern shamanic technique, hearty snacks at the closing circle, and a take-home serving of cacao along with a recipe and meditation notes. Additional cacao products will be available for cash purchase.

Drop-in : $30 pre-register / $35 at the door (space permitting)

Event is sold out for 2/8
Registration is open for 3/22