Cacao Ceremony and Ecstatic Dance

cacao (2).jpg

Saturday, May 12
7 - 10 PM

A modern twist on an ancient Mayan ritual. Drink a potent cacao-based drink (not your grandma’s hot chocolate here!). Facilitated breathwork and meditation guide you into a deep state of presence and awareness. Feel the energy start to really flow with drum beat and singing bowl and then kick it up a notch as we transition into ecstatic type dance fueled by electro-organica music and a killer sound system. 

Cacao is a gentle plant spirit that facilitates natural altered states of consciousness, appropriate for all people regardless of experience with other plant medicines or sobriety choices. Come with an empty stomach for the most potency; we will close the ceremony with some grub to ground out and share about the experience. $25 requested donation. For more information about the event or to RSVP, please email Betsi at