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Power Yoga

Mondays, 12-1 PM with Svia
Wednesdays, 12-1 PM with Star

"I've been appreciating a dedicated bi-weekly yoga practice at Open Space for many moons.  I'm able to seamlessly integrate noon-time yoga into my life multiple times a week which is essential in my work-life balance.  I appreciate the small class sizes, variety in class offerings, and that the practice space is naturally well lighted with many windows"
~Ann Marie

Enjoy the best of many yoga styles, consciously blended, to give you a heat building, well-rounded practice. Prepare to let the mind go and color outside the lines. This challenging class incorporates creative Vinyasa based salutations and sequences set to fun music. Expect a range of postures from balancing to inversions, twists, deep stretches, meditation, chanting, and a deeply restorative savasana. See what happens when you relinquish the need to control and perfection and take time to explore and experiment.

Kids Yoga

Mondays, 5-5:45 PM with karen

Here is an active and fun way to promote the physical, emotional and social development of children.  Yoga helps to bring out kids' inner self and utilize their unique qualities in a positive way.  Your child will gain coordination and body awareness through creative poses, storytelling, songs, games, breathing exercises and more.  No registration necessary.  Just show up.  Classes offered on donation.

Prenatal Yoga

Mondays, 6–7:15 PM with Karen
Thursdays, 5:30–6:45 PM with SviA

open space yoga prenatal classes workshops anchorage alaska hatha kundalini

Time to dispel the myth that a woman is in any way debilitated during her pregnancy! Here, a community of expecting moms practice yoga in a fun and safe environment to prepare the heart, hips, breath, and mind for the birthing experience. Kundalini Kriyas (“Keep-ups”) build mental stamina and calm the nervous system, while specific Hatha Yoga postures help soothe backache, pelvic pain, and other common discomforts related to pregnancy. Every class offers a nurturing atmosphere in which to connect with your baby and other women, and restore vital energy during this sacred time in your life. Appropriate from day 1 all the way to full term. No previous yoga experience necessary.

Winter Baby Camp

open space Baby and You Yoga Anchorage alaska classes workshop

TuesdayS, 1:30-2:45 PM with Svia

A gathering of new parents brings the circle together to stretch first you, then baby and then share the practice between both. A great way to safely exercise, massage, bond and laugh with your wee one and others. This class is for infants up to cruisers. Drop-ins welcome.

Cleanse, Core, Explore

Tuesdays, 5:15-6:25 PM with svia

open space yoga classes workshop Svia cleanse core explore yoga Anchorage alaska

This playful and adventurous class draws on the Kriya work from both Hatha and Kundalini Yoga to evoke physical and mental detoxification. Every practice is different, but all include a series of specific postures and exercises intended to tone core muscles, soothe the nervous system and increase stability in the spine. Exploration here may range from ‘workshopping’ a certain pose to practicing an intensive pranayama sequence to discovering new techniques for taming the mind through meditation. Heated up to 80°.

Yoga for Recovery (12-Step Community)

Tuesdays, 6-7:15 PM with Kelly

The population who gravitate to these classes all share a common challenge: addiction (whether to drugs, alcohol, food, other people or anything else one might use to distract them from their uncomfortable feelings and emotions).  If you feel like this is your community and want to experience a Yoga practice specifically catered for people in recovery, please do not hesitate to join us.

iRest® Yoga Nidra: Guided Meditation (follows Warm 26 each Sunday at 4 PM) 

with Kelly

Based on the ancient teachings of meditation, iRest is an evidence-based transformative practice that leads to psychological, physical, and spiritual healing and well-being. iRest provides you with tools to help you relax deeply, release stress, increase resiliency, improve your interpersonal relationships and provide you with greater mastery and control in your life. iRest nourishes noble qualities such as joy, peacefulness, empathy, forgiveness, patience and loving kindness toward yourself and others.

People who practice iRest report:

• Reduced depression, fear and anxiety
• Reduced insomnia and levels of stress
• Reduced chronic and acute pain
• Greater ability to relax and enjoy life
• Improved interpersonal relations
• Increased inner peace and well-being

iRest is an evidence-based, mind-body approach that is the result of thirty years of observation, research and hands-on development by Dr. Richard Miller and associates. Please visit www.irest.us for more information.

Yoga Flow Basics

Saturdays 3 - 4 PM With desiree

Whether new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, this class focuses on the fundamentals of yoga.  In this beginner-friendly class, we will focus on strength, balance, and flexibility through the connection of movement and breath.  By using simple postures we will create a fluid and graceful dance.  So be prepared to move, breathe, and sweat.

Deep Stretch

Thursdays, 1-2 PM with lynne

open space deep stretch yoga anchorage alaska workshop class

Honoring the aging process, this class is for those that still enjoy an active yoga practice. Lynne emphasizes longer warm-ups, a slow and steady pace, modifications for joint comfort and care, core work and balancing. This class is designed for those who enjoy a challenge while being mindful of the body and its limits. All are welcome.

Hips, Core, Explore

Thursdays, 7-8:30 PM with Svia

open space yoga class anchorage alaska workshop dance hips core

The hips complete the marriage of the lower half of the body with the upper half. A healthy hip joint includes stability from well toned deep abdominal (core) muscles, a strong back and elastic hamstrings. This class will complement the active Alaska lifestyle by preparing the body to absorb the shock of hiking, biking, running, skiing, etc.

The hips hold a treasure trove of emotions, secrets, and history. When we focus a regular asana practice around the hips, it is natural for more profound layers of the body to unfurl, release and eventually heal. Explore unique hip-opening postures with some longer holds and fun ways to build strength in the core and beyond. Classes will vary from week to week depending on the intention, theme and community present. Practice may include any of the following: warming flows, longer holds, advanced postures, inversions, chanting, and pranayama.

Kundalini Yoga

Fridays 7:30-9 PM with andrea

open space classes workshop kundalini anchorage alaska

Kundalini Yoga is an art and a science, a beautiful melding of creativity, intuition, and precision.  Every aspect of this practice works to heal our bodies, increase our awareness, and allow us to fully embrace and enjoy this experience of being human.  Kundalini classes include pranayama, kriya, meditation, and deep relaxation. 
In Kundalini Yoga, a kriya is a complete practice, most often a series of pranayama, movement, posture, mantra, and meditation. Every kriya is different and designed to have a specific effect, such as balancing the glandular system, supporting the internal organs, strengthening the nervous system, or enhancing intuition. Regardless of the intended effect, each kriya works to cover us on all levels; mind, body, and spirit. Kundalini classes are perfect for beginners and experienced yogis alike. You are invited to come as you are and experience who you are.

Warm Flow

Saturdays, 8:30-9:30 AM with nicole S.

By linking together our movements and our breath we create a vinyasa.  In this upbeat flow class we awaken our strength, energy, and flexibility in a fun and engaging atmosphere.  Expect traditional asana (poses) and sequences: sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, backbends, balancing postures and an opportunity to learn/practice inversions. This class is strong and fun! 

Flow classes have the initial attraction of being a “yogacize” or work-out class, but we soon realize the subtle, introspective and even meditative effects as we practice cultivating awareness of mind, body, and spirit.  With a warming start to blissful therapeutics and juicy savasana, experience just how good yoga feels as it carries you throughout your entire day. Come with an empty belly and an open mind; leave with a robust appetite and a feeling of rejuvenation!

Core Restore Pilates


Jenna Pilates.jpg

This 8-week group class is ideal for both new Pilates students and experienced students who may need a refresher or require a gentler Pilates class. This class is focused on gentle and precise exercises with hands-on corrections by the instructors as needed. The 8-week design of the class promotes building a safe and confident foundation of basic Pilates exercises, and allows students to build on their foundation each week. It is best to attend the class as an 8-wk session but drops-in are also available.

Head, Shoulders, Hips & Flows

Sundays, 5-6:15 PM with bonnie

open space yoga anchorage alaska hatha workshop class

After your weekend adventures, start your week off right with this practice that blends flowing sequences with longer held poses, building heat throughout. From an opening meditation and pranayama to creative Vinyasa salutations, we will awaken the breath and body in order to calm the mind for the week ahead. Class themes will range from a focus on specific chakras to finding balance, opening the heart, building a foundation, and much more. This all-levels class will provide variations for both the beginner and more advanced yogis. Come with an open mind, leave feeling stronger, more centered, and relaxed.