As a nurse, with a great appreciation of the human healing process, I believe that everyone benefits from a sound body and mind. I have a strong passion to help others heal organically and grow spiritually, discovering peace, love and joy from within. Each of my classes are uniquely tailored to the energy of the students with the focus of a slow flow with mindful movement & breathing, holding postures, gaining strength, and drawing awareness within oneself. My mission is to offer a comfortable open space that allows you to be free and practice yoga. I welcome all levels of students to my classes and beginners are highly encouraged.

My journey began in 2004 practicing Bikram yoga as this is where I felt most comfortable with the repeated postures, focusing on correct form & alignment. Utilizing the strength of my mind to draw my attention back to the present as I would fall out of poses when my mind would wander. In April of 2018 my dream came true and I was blessed with the opportunity to attend World Peace Yoga School in Rishikesh, India. Yoga capital of the world. It was truly such a humbling experience. Learning the true philosophy and ancient practice of yoga straight from the source filled me spiritually as I left there so excited and inspired to take all I had learned and share it with others.

Yoga is “a way of Life”. For me, it’s an approach to conscious living. More of a mental practice than physical. It’s a practice of how we live each day. How we think, speak, react, move, and breathe. I believe the mat is a space to nourish your unfiltered, authentic connection to yourself.  I really appreciate this opportunity and look forward to sharing the practice with you.


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