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nicole staker

What I love most about yoga is how drastically it changed my life in a short amount of time.  Over the years, I have seen fellow yogis grow in positivity, focus and confidence.  My hope is to do the same both as a forever student and guide.  I’ve scratched the surface on practicing humility and vulnerability, but I have a lifetime to go!

For years I dabbled in various types of yoga, taking classes here and there but never consistently.  After moving to Alaska from California, I grew to enjoy hiking and running but soon learned that I also needed to challenge myself to grow from the inside out.  I took my first bikram class and immediately realized this was the path. I completed Yoga Teacher Training through Anchorage Yoga in Spring 2017 and continue to seek learning opportunities and experiences.

I am excited to teach Solar Flow at Open Space!  For this class, I’ve created flows that are energetic and refreshing for mind, body and soul.  I can’t wait to flow with fellow yogis, both beginners and advanced as I share my love and passion for yoga!

Yoga is the liberation arising from the coming together of good knowledge, good doctrine, and good conduct. – Yogaśataka 2 (Jaina)