Michael King

I began yoga journey in 2010 after taking a yoga class in Anchorage. From the first class I took, I found that there were lots of spiritual, physical and emotional similarities to classical ballet, which was my career from 19-35. The focus, the energy, the fact that I was the architect of my own destiny, and that fact that I was participating with like minded people were all things that attracted me to the art, spirit and science of yoga. In 2018 I was invited by the Alaska Club to become a yoga teacher and in 2019 I completed my 200 hour teacher training program here in Anchorage. 

I love the spaces between each posture and how we can apply intention getting into and out of poses as well as the actual pose itself. Yoga has helped me stay grounded and less stressed in my career in real estate, helped me with my overall fitness and health and has been a major anchor for the many life transitions I have faced in my personal and professional life. I am embarking on deepening my studies of yoga through a three year internship on practice of Tantra, meditation and studies of historic writings on the yoga sutras, and the Upanishads with Swami Ravi Rudra Bharati (Rudolph Ballantine MD).

My classes are thoughtful, filled with joy and laced with a slight dose of humor to keep things fun yet intentional. You will find me to be a somewhat chill, and eternally grateful spirit upon entering, partaking and moving through your practice in the classes I have been blessed to steward in Anchorage. Blessings to you!


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