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Lindsey meyers

When we feel good we do good. When we are clear we make better choices.
When we are rested we are able to give more fully.
My intention for teaching is to provide a weekly space for you to get what you need to feel and be your best so that you may be more energized and present to the needs and demands of your life.

The style of yoga I teach is a weaving together of a whole mix of things from traditional yoga asana, chi gong, tai chi, emotional freedom technique, self meridian massage and acupressure therapy.

I love yoga and have been practicing and teaching for over a decade. Yoga has seen me through debilitating physical pain (scoliosis, herniated disk and depression), the emotional hurts of a painful break up, the loss of friends and beloved pets.
Yoga has contributed to my healthy pregnancy and the joyful birth of my son and is a key component in supporting me in being the best parent I can be. 

I would love to practice with you. Please join me Sunday evenings to breathe, sweat, stretch and reset together in the hopes that we may start the week more present and refreshed.