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Jen gordon

Yoga feeds me. Nourishes me. Strengthens me. Slows me down. Rejuvenates me. Connects me to community. Connects me to my Self. I began practicing yoga in earnest in 2005. I now practice when I awaken in the morning, in the wilderness, in the airport, on beaches, in hotels, at home, and even on my paddleboard. I practice yoga while driving in my car and walking down the street, because yoga re-taught me how to breathe, and now when I move through the world, I move with attention. I actually breathe! I found yoga when my children were 3 and 5 years old, and the Forrest Yoga practice I began with gave me space to refresh and rest, to become strong, to reconnect with who I was besides a Mother, to connect with my breath and my body on a journey of self-care.

I received my 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 in Hatha, Vinyasa-based yoga. I have continued to explore different styles and traditions of yoga from visiting and local teachers, and I like to describe my style as similar to a “stone soup,” since ingredients have been lovingly added from years of experience and study to create a delicious blend and unique flavor.

I find great joy in watching a classroom of students from all walks of life, all levels of experience, people of all shapes and sizes, receive the gifts of breath, strength and restoration that I offer. In my classes I provide a space for challenge, joy, relaxation and depth. With a focus on alignment that helps provide awareness of each of our body’s limits and possibilities, we will move progressively through a sequence that grounds, strengthens, stretches, builds heat, plays with balance, and ultimately restores. My goal is to create classes where all levels of students feel safe and nurtured while exploring new places in their body and mind. The pace and sequencing of my classes are methodical and make sense, creating a full practice that tells a story from beginning to end. Poses flow logically from one to another yet time is also spent in longer holds in order to fully feel and embody them.

An outdoor adventurer with a deep personal connection to nature, I often provide seasonal perspectives to class themes. An English major and musician, I sometimes weave poetry and prose through my classes. Practice will sometimes include music and sometimes will be in silence. Variety is the spice of life, right?

All levels welcome!