Living in Expansion with Betsi Oliver

Sunday, April 21
9 AM - 12 PM

"How can I feel fully alive all the time instead of just sometimes?"
"How do I connect to my highest purpose?"
"How do I give my energy to the world without getting depleted?" 

Are you tired of the same trendy answers (be mindful, meditate more, eat less gluten, whatever it is today)? Are you looking to truly step into a life that flows easily and feels amazing?


In this 3-hour workshop, identify your blocks to living in expansion. Tap into a deeper energy source that flows through you and out into the world easily and abundantly. Step into alignment with your highest potential. 

This is a powerful workshop intended for those who have experienced connections with their own bigger Selves and are looking for ways to bring those peak experiences into day-to-day life, who feel frustrated that so often the daily grind feels at odds with who you're really meant to be, and who want to shift into a new way of being that's sustainable, even fulfilling, all the time. 

Offered by Betsi Oliver, a Feminine Power facilitator-in-training. (All genders welcome.)

Cost: $25

Limited to 12 participants