Mindfulness Meditation

Sundays, 11 AM - 12 PM

meditation anchorage, alaska, open space, anchorage yoga

An exploration into meditation & mindfulness for everyone, no experience necessary. Expect gently guided meditations, easy discussions, and a welcoming atmosphere. Meditations are non-dogmatic without any religious affiliation. No need to bring anything but yourselves!

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About Kyle Pace

kyle pace, meditation, open space, alaska

I am a graduate from UAA, where I started the Meditation & Wellness Club with a dear friend and taught a variety of students over the course of several years. Later, I taught several courses around the community and have developed a teaching style that is geared towards those with little to no experience. The meditations that I guides are non-secular, evidence-based, and easy to follow for anyone and everyone. The classes will consist of gentle conversation on a variety of topics and guided meditations. Appropriate for anyone with an interest in mindfulness meditation, no experience required. Classes are donation based. I look forward to practicing with you!