Survive & Thrive with Ayurveda: Seasonal Wellness Series with Heidi

November 12- Dec 17 6:30-8 PM

$150, first 8 to register / $175, 9+

Sign up for both Ayurveda & Subtle Series: $275
(Immerse and save an additional $25)

This 6 week series combines soothing yoga practices, Ayurvedic and life coaching education and support group style conversation to help you keep calm and thrive during the holiday season.

Classes begin with meditations and yoga to easefully transition from work into a nourishing learning environment. Each week focuses on a new topic that you’ll be able to implement immediately into your life. Throughout these 6 weeks, you’ll be trying new things, tracking your progress and getting the support you need to keep going. You’ll even be able to email me outside of class anytime you get stuck.

Class topics include:

  1. Winter is here: core concepts & habits to get you through it

  2. Digestion: the root of wellness

  3. Eating for the season

  4. Energy management

  5. Making space for you

  6. Body care for optimal well being

$150, First 8 to register / $175, 9+

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About Heidi Weiland:

I use the teachings of Ayurveda & yoga, contemporary research on habit transformation, life coaching and the experience from my own journey from an out-of-balance business owner to a MUCH happier & healthier human being as the basis of my process.

Trained as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and RYT yoga teacher, I've traveled the path from overwhelmed and anxious tech business owner to living a life of balance and joy. I love helping people tap into their own capacity for healing body, mind & spirit, to reveal the inner joy that makes life worth living.

You can learn more about me on my website: