Exploring Fascia Workshop with Leigh Lubin

May 17 - 19

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You are connected You are One


An exploration of fascia in your body, yoga, and movement practice.

Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds, holds, and integrates your muscles, bones, and organs. Fascia infinitely connects each and every part of you into one complete form. This workshop develops an intellectual and embodied understand of how your body balances and interrelates.

  • Gain tools to unravel tension and address pain.

  • Improve the effectiveness and safety of stretching, training, yoga, and other movement modalities.

  • Create more mobility and ease in your body.

  • Learn to be an active receiver in order to increase the benefits of massage and body work.

This is an opportunity to tap into yourself in an entirely new way!

Friday, May 17, 6-8:30 PM: Connected as One

Our discussion begins by highlighting basic fascia types and how fascia functions as the largest sense organ in the body. We’ll use ball rolling techniques to explore our myofascial, or ‘muscle’ layer and feel the connection between all parts of our body. This evening’s class is a luxurious opportunity to improve mobility and ease in our bodies.

Leave with a pair of rolling balls and the inspiration and knowledge to use them.

leigh lubin anchorae yoga workshop fascia open space alaska valdez


Saturday, May 18
9:30AM - 12PM: Integration in Action

Turn the lens to explore fascia as a support and tension system that holds us together and keeps us safe and springy. During our morning yoga practice we will tap into this fascial support system to help soften tension. Learn to use the whole body to increase space, stability, fluidity, and function.

 Learn movement methods for long term mobility and health.


Saturday, May 18, 2-4:30 PM: Slide and Glide

Get in deep. We’ll develop an understanding of the origin of fascia and then feel its subtleties within our body. This practice includes breath work and lots of time with gentle movements lying on our mats. We are sure to feel blissful after this restoring exploration of slide and glide and joint mobility.

 Discover how to feel what’s going on in your body on a deeper level.


Sunday, May 19, 12:15 - 2:45PM: Receive & Expand

Explore a multidimensional perspective that encompasses our entire beings and expands interoception (internal body awareness). This morning we highlight tensegrity, beneficial movement theories, equilibrium, and ease.  In our practice we explore allowing expansion rather than creating it and receiving support instead of demanding it.

 Gain skills to soften tension and help ease pain

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Each session begins with an informative talk to develop a deeper understanding of the vastness and significance of fascia’s function and form, followed by a practice to help us feel and integrate our new body perception.

You can expect between 2-2.5 hours of movement and exploration each class. Sessions are designed to be physically and mentally  sustainable.


About Leigh Lubin:

leigh lubin, open space alaska, workshop

Leigh is an exceptional yoga teacher and a seasoned guide. She has a special gift for teaching people how to access their inner bodies and optimal alignment. She has studied and practiced Iyengar, Anusara, Forrest, and Flow yoga for over 20 years. Leigh leads teacher trainings, workshops, and group classes in Valdez, Alaska and abroad. Expect anything from form, to flow, to energy in her dynamic, enlightening, and alignment-based classes. Leigh is inspired to help people tap into and express their best.


Leigh’s passion for wilderness, the outdoors, and adventure brought her to Valdez, Alaska. She grew up in Los Angeles, California and traveled, studied, and worked all over the world before building her home in the Chugach Mountains. She continues to explore and play in the mountains and on the ocean with her husband and Alaskan wonder dog.