September Recovery Month Yoga Classes

Last 3 Sundays in September (9/16, 9/23, 9/30) 3:00PM with kelly & frances

September 16 - 90 minute Y12SR class
September 23 - 90 minute Warm 26 +iRest class

September 30 - 60 minute iRest meditation class

yoga for recovery irest y12sr open space alaska

Details: These are beginner's yoga classes fit for any level of experience and ability. The room is warm (up to 80 degrees), wear clothes suited to working out. Changing rooms and bathrooms are available. Yoga mats are available to borrow. A towel or yogi toes for the mat are recommended.

The Warm 26 +iRest® is a 90 minute class consisting of a modified series of the Hot 26 postures in a warm room for the first 70-75 minutes of class. We finish with a final savasana that lasts 15-20 minutes, with an iRest® meditation. The combination of the postures and meditation in the same class is beneficial for the breath, heart, mind, and body. 

Please call and talk to Kelly at 907-980-6648 or Frances at 907-952-1460 if you have any questions.

Please show up 15 minutes early to sign in as we start promptly at 3PM and space may be limited. 

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