A Journey Through The Chakras with Sound Healing

A Journey Through the Chakras with Sound Healing; Led by Amy and Kristen

From a similar event with Amy and Kristen at Salmonfest 2019

From a similar event with Amy and Kristen at Salmonfest 2019

Saturday, September 28th, 6:30 - 8 PM

$25 at the door

The word Chakra means "Wheel of Light" or "Spinning Disc". Chakras are the main energy points that run through the center of the body where the left and right side energy channels connect. Each Chakra is created and developed over time according to our environmental surroundings and upbringings.

These energy channels known as "The Subtle Body", which is different than the physical and mind-body realm, has a great impact on our mind, body and entire system. When the Chakras are open and aligned, the human body thrives and disturbances are released. The goal is to reach harmony.

Sound Healing Tools

Sound Healing Tools

Each Chakra is correlated to different movements, sounds, colors, etc. With the practice of breathwork, yoga flow, and sound healing we will journey through our Chakra's together. The class will begin with a gentle meditation to prepare the body for its work, we then will move through a creative flow that is guided with Crystal & Tibetan Bowl tones, along with Tuning Forks, Drums and Gongs to Divinely Align our Chakra's and help balance or emotions, sleep patterns, energy levels, etc. *Every organ, every bone, has a unique size, density and mass, and therefore a unique resonant frequency. Crystal and Tibetan bowl tones can literally bring you back to the original tones of the heavenly spheres and put your body into a balanced resonance.

During Shavasana, you will be guided to a deeper, more transformative state with sound, as you heal mind, body, and spirit.

Kristen in her natural element

Kristen in her natural element

Kristen Russell will be our Yoga Instructor:

As a dedicated yoga practitioner, with over 8 years teaching experience, yoga is a way for Kristen to express her passion in an artistic form of movement and meditation. She guides students in such a way that brings greater awareness to both the energetic and physical body. Her creative sequences are led from an intuitive sense to suit individual needs and covering all spectrums to support their practice. 

Her practice began after choosing to opt-out of an unhealthy lifestyle and shift into that of a more mindful and meaningful one. She rediscovered herself through asana and breathwork;all that left her feeling more present and proved to her that she could overcome difficult circumstances.  

She’s had the privilege to teach in various states, such as; Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah, participated in many festivals, attended trainings and workshops by the influences of; Shiva Rea, Shannon Paige, Steve Gold, Gina Caputo, Sara McLean, Janet Stone and more.  

Now as a Holistic Master Esthetician, Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor on the Kenai Peninsula, her goal is to bring greater awareness to alternative healing, while encouraging others that with belief in themselves, they can also find greater wellness through their journey and they can do hard things.  

Amy Jackman will be leading the Sound Healing aspect of this offering:

Amy playing her Singing Bowls

Amy playing her Singing Bowls

Amy has been involved in her community locally and around the state through political campaigns, small businesses, The Blood Bank of Alaska (KP) and much more for over 30 years. She is currently a partner in a cannabis consulting business, AK Canna Connection.

In 2017 shortly after Amy finished winning the Keep Cannabis Legal Campaign on the Kenai Peninsula, she had her awakening and was shown through sprit, that Earth Medicine was the path to an awakening of the masses. 

For the last 2 years she has been catapulted into a spiritual path that has rapidly led her through a plethora of beautiful and unimaginable events and happenings.  Learning to know, understand and practice her unique talents (that we all have) through her love of music, ritual, expansion and knowledge, she has brought herself to a path of Divine healing; and now through her instruments, (tools of ascension), she brings her Divine guided practice of Sacred Sounds to friends, family and all those who are drawn to higher states of consciousness and healing, Physically, Spiritually, and Emotionally.

Through Shamanic drumming, and personalized guided meditations facilitated w/ sound healing, Amy can help release ‘stuck’ emotional energy that gets trapped in our physical bodies which create long-lasting and harmful dis-ease.

Part of Amy’s overall wellness practice includes teaching breathing exercises, and other mindful practices that can help reduce or eliminate negative self-talk and behaviors. She devotes much of her time to helping people understand their universal and ancient origins, and the powerful magic we all possess; Which in turn gives those she works with, the gift of ancient knowledge and wisdom on how our contemporary society uses these and other ancient practices to keep us and our collective world tribe in energetic, spiritual and physical servitude.

As a Manifest-Generator and Connector, Amy has long been able to reach the masses. To spread love and knowledge through her travels and connections. Helping individuals and groups connect with who they really are and to one another, in order to raise the Collective Consciousness. It is through Divine Synergy and Knowledge, Practice and Commitment, through our Heart Center, that we will begin to see massive perspective shifts, open hearts and minds, and a deeper longing and understanding of our connection to The All. To Self. 

Amy lets Spirit guide her through every sound healing, no two session are alike. Whether it is in individual ceremony or a group setting, you can be assured you will walk away feeling the power of the Divine and a little lighter in your physical body, with a renewed sense of energetic peace in your soul.

Tapping into the universal energy field; Amy, is an Earth Goddess Co-Creator, Student of the 7 Hermetic Principles - Wild Ancient Spirit, Yogi, Empathic Healer, and Adventurer, Spreading Love & Light wherever she goes. If you’d like to book a personal or group session, please reach out. Together we can create a harmonious and peaceful world.