Divine Play: connecting to the divine innocence and wonder of early childhood through play

Sam Norman yoga instructor divine play workshop

Friday April 27th
5:15-7 PM

Join Sam Norman for an all levels vinyasa yoga class followed by an all levels playtime. That's right, play.... expect games, laughter, risk, trying new things, trusting, working in a group, connectivity, and community. This class is appropriate for ages ten and up. No yoga experience necessary. We will breath and move to lift the spirits and lighten the load of our stressful day to day lives. Take a moment to reconnect to whimsy. We will wind down the evening summer camp style with a call and response chanting/singing session. Followed by guided drumming meditation.

Summer intensity is on it's way. Tax season is at it's peak. We are a nation of over stimulated people. That can make us intense and lose a natural connection to joy and bliss.  Connecting to the sweetness and joy of play through community can help you soften into late spring and keep your cool in early summer. 

Cost: $15