American Tribal Style Belly Dance

New Level 1 Six-Week Class Series with Terri McCoy

Mondays 7:30 - 8:30 PM

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American Tribal Style® belly Dance is a unique dance form grounded in the concept of female unity. It is an improvisational style, danced collectively, with all members filling the roles of both leaders and followers.

ATS® originated with Fat Chance Belly Dance, and they describe it best (

Tribal Style Bellydance is both a celebration of the female spirit and a physical display of the strength and beauty of women…What distinguishes Tribal from other styles of bellydance is the way in which steps, movements, gestures, even costume, are redesigned to suit the common denominator of a group dancing together. The music is selected for its clarity, the steps for their universal application and yet, whether performed as choreography or improvisation the result is one of simple elegance and rhythmic style.

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