April Rochford, ryt


The practice. The love, the hate. The joy, the grief. The confidence, the doubt. The practice.
April’s practice embraces all aspects of being a thriving and vibrant speck of stardust in this timeless universe.

Trained in Hatha yoga of Iyengar lineage under Margi Clifford and Margo Sorum, April brings the ancient knowledge of asana practice to her students, skillfully intertwining it with Western anatomical information, therapeutic applications, philosophy, mythology, and humor. Her own practice began in 2001 after graduating high school, and has since grown with her through college, career, motherhood and marriage.
April draws on her scientific background (B.S. Biological Sciences) to describe key principles of alignment and breath work. She has a strong interest in the science of meditation, as well as yoga’s potential to compliment professional mental health treatment. Having relied heavily on yoga to navigate the realms of anxiety and depression, she empathetically shares these techniques with others. April also provides a philosophical and spiritual context for the asana practice, offering depth and insight into the physical postures of yoga.
April is authentic and light-hearted, creating an atmosphere of acceptance and accessibility for yogis of all levels. Her love for and devotion to the practice of yoga radiate from her teaching. She cherishes her practice, and gladly shares it with her students.
April Rochford, BS Biological Sciences, RYT-200