Open Space: a Center for Community

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Open Space is a center for fantastic yoga, creative dance, meditation, massage & bodywork, and more. Our vision is to be open to all in Anchorage and host a diversity of classes, workshops, trainings, and special events. Besides our variety of weekly “drop-in, on donation” classes, each month the schedule changes as well as the opportunities (take a look at our current schedule). If you would like to utilize the space for your special event, workshop or offering, please check out our space rentals page.

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In the spirit of community, karma, inclusiveness, and simplicity, we have chosen to put all of our drop-in classes "on donation". In this way, everyone can walk through the door and participate with some of the finest teachers in town. We believe donation allows students to truly reflect the value of the practice they are receiving, while also honoring that everyone is in a different place in their life and abilities to pay for yoga or (other drop-in classes) may vary. Our suggested donation is $15 to $20 per class, but we don’t want cost to hold people back from having a vibrant yoga practice. All offerings are graciously received and we respect your thoughtful discernment. We also offer punchcards, which are $135.00 for 10 punches.